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          Verzelloni LYNDON 沙發


          LYNDON | 沙发 By Verzelloni





          Classic and contemporary line with a luxurious and elegant look, Lyndon is characterized by an armrest with a welcoming form and by a high thickness seat cushion, supported by a thin base that gives lightness.‎ Lyndon is a seating system composed of several linear modules, some with a rounded shape that enrich the aesthetic and design possibilities.‎ It is available in a wide range of sofas, elements, side elements, corners, chaise longue, ottomans, terminals and poufs that can be combined as desired and allow to create countless combinations thanks to the armrest that can be perfectly placed against the back.‎ Lyndon offers the possibility of choosing between two versions: the standard version, complete with feather back cushions with polyurethane insert and the base version (without back cushions).‎ The base version can be integrated with the back cushions available in the collection: some structured in feathers with a polyurethane insert, others 100% canalized feathers, both can be coordinated with each other at will.‎ The fabric cover, with the exception of the leather version, is completely removable.‎

          Frame in solid and plywood, padded with non-deformable polyurethane foam of different densities, springs with interwoven elastic bands.‎ Pre-cover in cotton fabric coupled with polyester fiber.‎ The standard foot is in cast aluminium painted bronze color high cm.‎ 4.‎ On request, a cylindrical foot in bronze painted aluminium with a height of cm 4 or cm 6 is also available.‎

          Cushion padding
          Backrest cushions: some available in canalized feathers with polyurethane insert others padded with 100% canalized feathers.‎ Seat cushions are in differentiated density polyurethane and polyester fiber.‎ All the paddings are entirely pre-covered in white fabric.‎

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          Lyndon系列 by Verzelloni

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