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          REPERTOIRE, the New Editorial Project by FontanaArte

          A book traces the history of the brand through iconic products and novelties

          REPERTOIRE, the New Editorial Project by FontanaArte
          04/11/2020 - FontanaArte presents its new editorial project, a coffee table book of almost 400 pages, which traces the history of the brand through iconic products up to the latest exclusive avant-garde objects that will be marketed from 2021.
          Photographic book, with hardcover and refined images, preparatory and didactic, it explains the story of a company that, thanks to a farsighted entrepreneurial vision, has been able to grow, reinvent itself and adapt to such different eras and periods and that deepens the reasons why the industrial and artisan sectors can coexist and have a future.
          This excursus is illustrated through the great masters who have contributed over time to making FontanaArte a unique and beloved brand all over the world. First of all Gio Ponti, who understood and created a connection between industrial planning and design, still today a source of inspiration and creativity. And then Pietro Chiesa, Max Ingrand and Gae Aulenti.
          This project was conceived by the CEO of FontanaArte and ItalianCreationGroup Giuseppe Di Nuccio, with the objective to realize not only a sales tool but also with the ambition to make an object to spread culture and beauty. 'With this tool we would like to reach new generations to demonstrate how digital reality and its codes can coexist and support a paper publishing project like this, becoming complementary' says Giuseppe Di Nuccio. 'With this book, created in the FontanaArte philosophy, we wanted to embrace more souls in apparent antithesis to each other, from the creative to the commercial, in the search to make more fluid a language which is too often academic. In order to make its reading and consultation pleasant, we meant to trig that process of curiosity and emotion that has always been a prerogative of human nature'.
          The curatorship of the project was by the Art Director of FontanaArte, Francesco Librizzi.

          FontanaArte on ARCHIPRODUCTSREPERTOIRE, the New Editorial Project by FontanaArte

          REPERTOIRE, the New Editorial Project by FontanaArte

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